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We create remarkable memories through our passionate and innovative drive for career growth of upcoming acts and Nigerian Youths in general.

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What We Do

Spotlight concert is an initative of Asanbe Music Records, a way of giving back to the community. We're more than a stage; we're a movement, illuminating the path for young musicians to showcase their creativity. Dedicated to fostering a supportive community, we encourage active audience participation.

Our Capabilities

Our nationwide talent search digs deep to uncover the next unsigned gems across all music genres. We spotlight skills waiting to be honed and shared.

Through our concerts and competitions, we provide a springboard for emerging artists to gain exposure, fans, and industry access. We help launch sustainable music careers.

We give pioneering artistic talents the freedom to nurture their innovative and distinct styles. Our platform allows new genres and forms of expression to grow.

SpotlightConcert is on a record-breaking run showcasing emerging music talents across Nigeria. Our soaring growth proves an appetite for new sounds


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Attracting multiple cities.


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Hundreds of once-unsigned talents are now riding high from the spotlight that SpotlightConcert shone on their skills. Hear straight from the future icons we helped create on how our platform propelled their careers to chart-topping success.



Now I can believe in myself because Spotlight have showed me that I can become an African Gaint too. I am a Superstar and a global Spotlighter



Spotlight Concert and award changed my life. It made me understand that passion and talent is not enough. They created a leverage for me into stardom. All I can say is now they have made me discover that the star is the limit.

Stie Majik

Stie Majik

Spotlight Concert is a career game-changer. Winning here catapulted my journey as an emerging artist. The support, diversity, and genuine commitment to artists are unmatched. Highly recommend for any aspiring artist seeking a breakthrough moment.

Ayo Benzi

Ayo Benzi

Spotlight music brought me to the limelight. They gave me a leverage to perform with Africa finest like Seyi Vibez, Asake and Mohbad. And I know in the music industry it is practically impossible to share stages with industry gaint but Spotlight did it for me. The star is the starting point ooooo. Thank you Spotlight

Deep Phlames

Deep Phlames

In music business you need connections and platforms. Music is a serious business and the industry is not a laughing matter it is difficult to breakthrough but Spotlight made me breakthrough into the music industry globally. I am truly grateful

Icey Bills

Icey Bills

Spotlight Concert, a true game-changer for emerging artists like me. It exceeded my expectations, embracing us with transformative opportunities. With it’s commitment to diversity and collaborative spirit, spotlight concert is not just an event but a nurturing force, fostering connections and propelling us onto the global stage.

Our Mission

Our vision and mission is to find raw talent and refine them into global superstars by creating platforms that will launch them to fame. Bringing African Music and Afrobeat to the world is our goal.